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Whereas the Consultant will perform a variety of services selected by the Client (See Sec. 3) designed to build up the client’s follower base on the social media platform Instagram.

Whereas the Client will compensate the Consultant for said services by paying a monthly fee (See Sec. 4) due on the first day of each thirty (30) day period

1. Acceptance

Any agreement for the use of Cloud 7 Agency. Services as outlined in this Invoice implies that you have read and accepted our terms and conditions. Commencement of the Services outlined in the quotation or estimate begins when the Payment has been paid and received by Cloud 7 Agency. Please read these terms and conditions carefully.

2. Duration

The Consultant may have thirty (30) days to establish a solid clientele base on behalf of the organization across all agreed upon platforms. During this time, the Consultant will work to establish what techniques will work best for the organization. After thirty (30) days, the Consultant will become responsible for the maintenance portion of the agreement (See Sec. 2) on behalf of the organization.

Once the initial thirty (30) days have transpired, either party may opt to conclude the agreement without penalty. Otherwise, the two parties may extend the existing agreement in thirty (30) day increments so long as both parties shall agree.

3. Services

Instagram Targeted Growth:

The Consultant will establish and improve the organization’s presence on the social media platform Instagram through:

  • Fully analyzing and optimizing your account
  • Liking, following and engaging with your target market
  • Consistent daily Instagram management throughout the month

The consultant will provide the Client with various websites where the Client can check the progress of the account at anytime during the management period

Instagram Content Management: (If Premium or Takeover package selected)

We will improve your overall follower retention by Improving content quality and providing tips on posting, editing, types of content and overall feed presentation

  • We will post every 3 days on your feed
  • Provide quality hashtags related to content
  • Slightly improve Image quality through Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Post on behalf of the client ( photos and videos to be provided by client)

We will provide you with various websites where you can check the progress of the account at anytime during the management period

4. Compensation

With the selection of the service(s) Instagram Targeted Growth & Instagram Content Management, the Consultant will manage the Client’s social media presence for a recurring charge indicated on the invoice, due at the start of every 30-day period.

The Consultant will accept payment through PayPal, E-transfer and/or by credit card. In the event that the Client fails to pay the Consultant for the month, the Consultant will cease to provide services until payment is received.

Once payment for the period has been made in full, the Consultant will resume provision of services. Should a suspension of services occur, the complete payment will be necessary to resume services – a prorated amount will not be provided.

5. Account Access & Authorization

The Consultant will hold the Client’s , usernames, and passwords in confidence. The consultant will not share this information under any circumstances, nor will the Consultant sell this information to a third (3rd) party.

6. Cancellation

This agreement may be canceled at any time by either party after the initial 30 day period with a 30-day written (email) notice. If the Client does not submit notice 30 days prior to the current billing month, the Client will be billed for service. The Consultant agrees to continue to deliver the service until the final date of cancellation.

7. Entire Agreement

Should either party violate the terms of or fail to meet the obligations set forth in this contract, such action will render the opposing party free from any further contractual obligation.